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Visiting St Lucia – South Africa’s Jurassic Paradise

Heaven on earth‘ is what people say about this breathtakingly beautiful country. Roaming herds of elephants, hippos basking in the sun and the giant crocodiles are what makes St. Lucia a Jurassic paradise of South Africa. The abundance of ripe bananas, sweet coconuts, and the avocados add up to its beauty. It’s a perfect travel destination for all of you, regardless of the age groups. Either you are an avid Instagram user and want picturesque spots, or if you’re going to be immersed in nature and enjoy the breath of fresh air, St. Lucia caters to the wanderlust of all sorts of travelers. Here is why you need to immediately find a cheap air travel plan and visit South Africa’s Jurassic paradise:

The Mighty Ocean:
The pristine beaches and the fantastic view of the ocean are what majorly attracts the tourists to its land. It offers a wide range of ocean adventures for adventure enthusiasts. People usually opt for snorkeling and fishing. St. Lucia offers the best facilities for the tourists to go for deep-sea diving. Moreover, turtle tours and whale watching can make your trip even more exciting and enjoyable. Either in air, on the ground, or underwater, nature is everywhere. Every inch of the region is heaven for the observers and nature-lovers!

Safari Activities:
Visiting Africa and not talking about the famous safari visits is so unlikely to happen. St. Lucia can let you see the wildlife in its natural habitat. Be it hippos or elephants; you can enjoy watching them all. The boat cruises or night and day games are planned to make the visit even more enjoyable for the tourists. Horse riding on the beach or amid those think bushes, bird watching, or walking among those might trees is bound to make your trip even more memorable. Hiking tours that can be guided or self-guided help to grasp the real beauty of the very landscape. Moreover, guided bicycle tours are the must-try ones!

Places to Visit:
Besides the safari and ocean activities, there is a wide range of touristy things that you can add to your to-do list. For instance:
Give a visit to the crocodile Centre. It is the safest place for seeing crocodiles. You won’t only find the local species, but there are breeding programs for the endangered crocodile species of Africa as well.
Visit the villages to get an insight into the culture and indigenous activities. It will help in increasing your knowledge about the region and its inhabitants.
You can have a soothing spa and beauty spa at various salons. A real treat it is for your body!
Visit Monzi county club for a round of tennis, squash or golf.
You can visit various restaurants and enjoy the indigenous recipes to satisfy your taste buds.
There are a lot of gift shops where you can buy unique souvenirs.
The list can go on and one of the places you can visit in St. Lucia. Many guided tours let you see the restricted areas, and you can explore new habitats and can learn about the eco-systems of the region. You can enjoy the nocturnal activities of the chameleon and other creatures in the wild by planning guided night tours. Guided activities and excursions are what make your trip an eco-adventure, and you can get an insight into an all-natural landscape without endangering the species residing there. Just Order a car and visit these places.

St. Lucia truly is heaven. The diversity of wildlife, outstanding natural beauty, untouched and unaltered habitats, a wide range of eco-friendly activities, lots of tourist places to visits makes the site worth the visit. It can make your trip, even more, cherishable. You can enjoy flaunting your vacay pictures on your social media platforms as you will find a lot of picturesque spots to get some perfect shots. The best part is no one going to get bored in a place that has so much to it. Everyone can find a fun activity as per their interests, effortlessly! Coastal forest, beaches, the oceans, the lush green lands and to top it all, the wildlife, altogether makes the St. Lucia, literary a Jurassic paradise!

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